IQ – an abbreviation of intelligence quotient – is a way to measure a person’s intelligence. An IQ test can help determine exactly what a person’s intelligence is by using several mental exercises to measure his mental agility. It’s easy to think of your intelligence as a fixed figure once you have reached a certain age, but there are actually many activities that significantly improve your IQ. From language learning to meditation, here’s what to try to get those numbers.

Playing the guitar

A study from the University of Zurich showed that learning a musical instrument can increase the intelligence quotient in humans of all ages, by significant levels – the average Briton has an IQ of between 90 and 110, but playing the guitar can increase your intelligence quotient around seven or more points.

Try the meditation

We all know that meditation can improve your mood and reduce your stress level, but you may be surprised to learn that taking the time of the day, even in 20 minutes, will also stimulate a range of cognitive abilities, such as that mental capacity. Clarity, stability and creativity, while improving the time a person has to stay focused. So swap the 20 minutes spent watching your phone before going to bed with a meditation spot, and you’ll feel calmer while getting smarter. Give HeadSpace a helping hand to get you started.

Learn a language


Great news for those who can quickly discover languages: neuroscientific research suggests that learning new languages makes your brain grow. The reason is that you have to learn a wholly new and inherently complex set of rules: you have to relearn things like grammar that are different from your mother tongue.

Get more exercise

As if we needed more reasons to exercise regularly: prove, training plays an essential role in increasing your IQ. A 2009 Swedish study showed that aerobic exercise could improve your intelligence by 40%.

Take chess

Chess can be a complicated game, but it’s a game that is worth it. Due to its complexity, the corpus callosum (known as the anatomical marker of intelligence) improves and improves your problem-solving ability and concentration. In fact, according to a study, children who had taken chess lessons for 12 weeks would have had a significantly increased IQ.

Do regular high cardio exercises.

The version of Dual N-Back that I use tracks my progress. One day, I went to the gym and played the game as soon as I got home (I use the word “game” lightly, it’s slight torture). My scores went through the friggin roof. There is something about the release of endorphins that sends your brain overdrive. Get as many of these endorphins as possible.

Play Puzzles and Sudoku

Puzzles and sudoku are some of the great games that can dramatically improve the IQ level with a few minutes of playing time each day. Puzzles are a great way to improve IQ levels as they encourage motor skills. An activity involving both hand and eye participation simultaneously helps users focus better, improving IQ.

Sudoku is also a great game that incorporates the logic of the image, the numbers and their positioning to make sense of the situation as a whole. Although these games have not been tested to increase the level of IQ significantly, they are a great way to keep your mind tuned and to develop logical thinking and cognitive skills.

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